This section deals with the different scripting languages available to you for programming in GameMaker Studio 2. The language or method that you use to create your projects will depend on your skill and your previous background history, and since everyone is different GameMaker Studio 2 aims to be as adaptable as possible to your different needs, offering two different options for you to create games:

Drag and Drop (DnD™) is ideal for beginners or those that are more visually or artistically orientated (this is sometimes called a "visual scripting language"). It consists of dragging and dropping actions into the Object Editor to create a list of functions that instances of the object will follow. You can find out how to use DnD™ from the following sections of the manual:
  1. Drag And Drop Overview
  2. Drag And Drop Reference

Here you can get an overview of the GameMaker Language syntax along with examples of use and program structure, and you can also find a complete reference guide for all the built-in GML functions. If you are new to using a scripting language then it is recommended that you start with the GML Overview, otherwise just use the reference guide to check up on function names when required:
  1. GML Overview
  2. GML Reference

It is worth noting that you can actually "mix and match" each of these different programming techniques when creating your games, and selecting one or the other when you create a new project does not limit you to only using that one language.