This function can be used to update the progress of an achievement. You supply the user ID as returned, for example, by the function xboxlive_get_user, and then the achievement string (this is the achievement id as assigned in the XDP/Windows Dev Center when it was created). Finally you set the progress value to to a value from 0 to 100. Note that the achievement system will refuse updates that are lower than the current progress value.


xboxlive_achievements_set_progress(user_id, achievement, progress);

Argument Description
user_id The user ID of the user to set the achievement for
achievement The achievement to set (a string)
progress The progress value to set (from 0 to 100)



Extended Example:

The following is an extended example of how this function can be used. To start with you'd call it in some event like Room Start or Create:

xboxlive_stats_get_social_leaderboard(user_id, "GlobalTime", 20, 1, false, false);

The above code would be called to get a list of all global leaderboard positions for the game, and will generate a Social Asynchronous Event call back which we would deal with in the following way:

var _progress = (global.Level / global.LevelMax) * 100;
xboxlive_achievements_set_progress(user_id, "Game_Completed", _progress);

The above code creates a percentage value based on some global variables and then uses it to set the achievement progress for the "Game_Completed" achievement.