This function launches the Xbox One help app which will in-turn display your game's help file (which is an HTML format file that you have previously uploaded to the XBox Developer Portal). Note that a user ID is specified when calling this function so that the user's locale information can be used when displaying it. You can retrieve the user ID with the functions xboxlive_get_user(), xboxlive_get_activating_user(), or uwp_license_trial_user.

NOTE: This function is only applicable when submitting games through XBox Live for the XBox One using the UWP package.



Argument Description
user_id The User ID pointer to open the helpfile for.




if gamepad_button_check_pressed(0, gp_start)
    if uwp_license_trial_version()
        var _uid = uwp_license_trial_user;

The above code checks to see if a button is pressed and then checks the app to see if it is running with a trial licence. If it is, then it gets the User ID for licence and opens the help file for that user.