This function can be used to send a query request. You first define the query using the appropriate steam_ugc_create_query_*() functions which will return a "query Handle". This handle is then used to set filters etc.... before being used in this funtion to send off the query request. The function returns a unique async ID value which can be used to check the details correctly in the Steam Async event. This event will have the async_load DS map which will be populated with the following key/value pairs:

When you get the async event type "ugc_query", you can then parse the results list and extract the following information from each of the DS maps (one map per item in the list):



Argument Description
ugc_query_handle The query handle to send.




var query_handle = steam_ugc_create_query_all(ugc_query_RankedByTrend, ugc_match_Items, 1);
steam_ugc_query_add_required_tag(query_handle, "RPG");
steam_ugc_query_set_return_long_description(query_handle, true);
steam_ugc_query_set_allow_cached_response(query_handle, true);
query_ID = steam_ugc_send_query(query_handle);

The above code creates a query request and stores it's handle in a local variable for future use in the rest of the functions which further define the query request before sending the query.