This function can be used to set the base animation speed and type as for the sprite resource. This is normally set in the Sprite Editor, but there may be moments when you are required to set this manually for a given sprite resource. You need to supply the sprite index to set, the animation speed and the type of animation speed to apply. The animation speed type can be any one of the following constants:

Constant Description
spritespeed_framespersecond The sprite was defined with animation in frames per second.
spritespeed_framespergameframe The sprite was defined with in animation in frames per game frame.

Selecting the type of speed to use to calculate animations is very important as there is a huge difference between the two options. The following two examples illustrate this difference:

You can find out what the speed value used for the sprite animation was using the function sprite_get_speed, and you can get the animation speed type using sprite_get_speed_type.

IMPORTANT! This function will affect the sprite resource so any changes you make with this function will affect all instances that are using the sprite and all future instances too.


sprite_set_speed(index, speed, type)

Argument Description
index The index of the sprite to get the animation type of


Constant (see above)


sprite_set_speed(sprite_index, 10, spritespeed_framespersecond);

The above code sets the base animation speed for the sprite assigned to the instance to 10 frames per second.