This function can be used to set the bounding box values for a sprite. You supply the sprite index to use and then the left, top, right and bottom values for the bounding box positions. The positions are absolute values, where the (0, 0) position corresponds to the top left corner of the sprite, regardless of the offset for the sprite, any "empty" pixels the sprite may have, or where it is being drawn in the room.

NOTE: This function affects the sprite resource so that all further instances with this sprite will have the same bounding box.


sprite_set_bbox(ind, left, top, right, bottom);

Argument Description
ind The index of the sprite to set the bounding box on.
left The left side of the bounding box
top The top of the bounding box.
right The right side of the bounding box
bottom The bottom of the bounding box.




if sprite_get_bbox_mode(sprite_index) == 2
    left = irandom(sprite_width / 2);
    right = irandom((sprite_width / 2) + irandom(sprite_width / 2));
    top = irandom(sprite_height / 2);
    bottom = irandom((sprite_height / 2) + irandom(sprite_height / 2));
    sprite_set_bbox(sprite_index, left, top, right, bottom);

The above code will check the bounding box mode of the sprite assigned to the sprite_index, and if it is set to manual then it will have its bounding box changed.