This function can be used to check and see if a physical body (ie: the fixture of an instance) overlaps, or will overlap, when rotated and placed at a given position in the room. the "angle" argument is the angle of rotation that the calling instance has (or will have) at the position to be checked, and the "obj" argument can be either a single instance id, and object index or the keywords all or other.


physics_test_overlap(xpos, ypos, angle, obj);

Argument Description
xpos The x position in the room to check
ypos The y position in the room to check
angle The angle to check (of the calling instance)
obj The object to check for




if physics_test_overlap(x+20, y-35, 0, obj_Bomb)
    alarm[0] = room_speed;
    ignited = true;

The above code will check a position for a physics fixture overlap, and if there is one, it sets a variable and an alarm.