With this function you can change the position and/or the speed factor of any point previously defined for a path (the path can have been created in the path editor or through code using path_add).


path_change_point(index, n, x, y, speed);

Argument Description
index The index of the path to change the point of.
n The defining point to change the attributes of.
x The new x coordinate (relative to the path) of the point.
y The new y coordinate (relative to the path) of the point.
speed The new speed factor of the point.




for (var i = 0; i < path_get_number(path0); i ++)
    var px = path_get_point_x(path0, i) + 32 - random(64);
    var py = path_get_point_y(path0, i) + 32 - random(64);
    path_change_point(path0, i, px, py, 100);

The above code loops through all the points in the path indexed as "path0" and re-positions all the points to a random position within an area of 64x64 pixels.