With this function you can send a request to connect to a server. The function takes the socket id to connect through (see network_create_socket) and requires you to give the IP address to connect to (a string) as well as the port to connect through, and if the connection fails a value of less than 0 will be returned. The connection uses a special protocol that ensures only GameMaker Studio 2 games connect to each other, however if you need to connect to a server that is not a GameMaker Studio 2 game, you can use network_connect_raw. Note that by default the function is synchronous, meaning that your game may appear to "hang" as the connection is made. You can set a timeout value for connection, or alternatively make the creation asynchronous, using the function network_set_config().


network_connect(socket, url, port);

Argument Description
socket The id of the socket to use.
url The URL or IP to connect to (a string).
port The port to connect to.




client = network_create_socket(network_socket_tcp);
network_connect(client, "", 6510);

The above code will create a new TCP socket then attempt to connect through that to the given IP address on port 6510.