Miscellaneous Functions

The following functions and variables are special ones that GameMaker Studio 2 supports but which don't fit into any particular major category:

When creating cross-platform games, it is often of vital importance that you get the details of the operating system that the device running your game is using. Things like the language, the version or the network state can all be used to adapt your game to the system running it and make the end-user experience the best possible, so GameMaker Studio 2 has a number of special functions which can be used to get the necessary information.

The following functions exist for you to use to get certain details about the operating system or browser that is running your game:

To help you create and maintain highscores for your games, GameMaker Studio 2 creates a global high score array of 10 places which you can access, add to and change to create your own custom high score lists without too much fuss. This functionality is local to the game and works on all platforms, so you can easily store and maintain a basic high score table using these functions along with the File Handling Functions.

The following functions exist that deal with the internal high score list.

GameMaker Studio 2 also includes a function for drawing the highscores out on the screen as a list, however it is very basic and it is recommended that you use this for debugging more than anything else as making your own high score table is easy and will give you far more control over how it is displayed:

The following functions are only for use when calling Scripts:

Certain functions are pre compiled when you run your game (ie: they are used to define how the final game will be compiled), and some are also for use when the game has been compiled to get specific details about the runtime environment. Here you can find the full list of these functions:

When working with Extensions you need to be able to define and call external functions, and so you'd use the following:

The following functions are for general use and simply don't fit into any of the other categories in this document: