This function takes a 1D array of 16 values, corresponding to a given 4x4 matrix type, where elements [0 - 3] would be row 1, elements [4 -7] would be row 2, etc... (see the image on the main page). You can create such a matrix using the matrix_build or matrix_get functions or simply building the array yourself and passing that into the function. The available matrix types are view, projection and world, for which you would use one of the following constants:

Constant Description
matrix_view The current view matrix
matrix_projection The current projection matrix
matrix_world The current world matrix


matrix_set(type, matrix);

Argument Description
type The type of matrix to get the values of (see the constants listed above)
matrix The matrix data as an array




matrix_set(matrix_world, m_array);

The above code will set the values of the current world matrix to those stored in the array matrix "m_array".