iap_status (Deprecated)


This function allows you to track the status of the GameMaker Studio 2 in app purchasing system and returns one of the following constants:

Constant Description
iap_status_uninitialised in app purchases have not been activated for your game.
iap_status_unavailable There is no connection available to the target store.
iap_status_loading A connection to the target store exits and is being activated.
iap_status_available Purchases have been activated and the target store is available.
iap_status_processing There is currently communication between the game and the target store, like when (for example) making a purchase or when restoring a purchase, etc...
iap_status_restoring On the iOS target, this can be returned while your game is attempting to restore purchases.






status = iap_status();

The above code requests the store status for the current game, and stores it in a variable for checking.