This function opens the text file with the indicated filename for reading only, returning the unique id of the file that which should be stored in a variable as it will be used for all further actions to do with that file. If the file does not exists then the function will return the value -1.

NOTE: You can only have a maximum of 32 files open at any one time. You should also always close files when finished as this writes the information and frees the memory associated with the file.
WARNING! This function may not work as you expect due to GameMaker Studio 2 being sandboxed! Please see the section on File System Limits for more information.



Argument Description
fname The name of the file to read from.




file = file_text_open_read(working_directory + "level.txt");

This would open "level.txt" from the same directory as the game and store the file id in the variable "file".