This function will dequeue the head value off of the ds_queue, removing it from the queue and returning the value to be stored in a variable. If the queue is empty then the function will return the constant undefined, otherwise it will return the real or string value contained in the queue.



Argument Description
id The id of the queue to dequeue from.


Real, String, or undefined


if !ds_queue_empty(move_queue)
    var xx, yy;
    xx = ds_queue_dequeue(move_queue);
    yy = ds_queue_dequeue(move_queue);
    move_towards_point(xx, yy, 4);

The above code checks the ds_queue indexed in the variable "move_queue" to see if it is empty, and if it is not, it then dequeues the two values from the head of the queue and use them to set a direction for movement.