This function returns the next key stored in the ds_map after the one specified in the function. This can be useful if your have to iterate through the ds_map looking for something, but should be avoided if possible as it can be slow. If no such key exists then the function will return <undefined>. You should always check this using the is_undefined() function.


ds_map_find_next(id, key);

Argument Description
id The id of the map to use.
key The key to find the next one to.


Real, string or undefined


var size, key, i;
size = ds_map_size(inventory);
key = ds_map_find_first(inventory);
for (i = 0; i < size; i++;)
   if key != "gold" key = ds_map_find_next(inventory, key) else break;

The above code creates some temporary variables and then gets the ds_map size and finds the first key as stored by the computer in the map. It then uses a for loop to iterate through the ds_map looking for the key value "gold". If it finds it, it breaks out the loop.