Ds_maps take up space in memory, which is allocated to them when they are created. This means that you also need to free this memory when the ds_map is not needed to prevent errors, memory leaks and loss of performance when running your game. This function does just that.

IMPORTANT! When you create a data structure, the index value to identify it is an integer value starting at 0. This means that data structures of different types can have the same index value, so if in doubt you should be using the ds_exists function before accessing them. Also note that indices are re-used, so a destroyed data structure index value may be used by a newly created one afterwards so we recomend always setting the variable that held the DS index to -1 after destroying.



Argument Description
id The id of the map to destroy.




inventory = -1;

The above code will destroy the ds_map with the id indexed in the variable "inventory".