This function will return true if the mouse button being checked has been released or false if it has not. This function will only be triggered once for any mouse button when it is released and to trigger it again the button will need to have been pressed and released again. You supply the mouse button to check from one of the following constants:

Constant Description
mb_left The left mouse button
mb_middle The middle mouse button (this may not be valid for all target platforms)
mb_right The right mouse button
mb_none No mouse button
mb_any Any of the mouse buttons



Argument Description
numb Which mouse button constant to check for.




if mouse_check_button_released(mb_right)
   speed = point_distance(x, y, mouse_x, mouse_y) / 10;

The above code will check to see if the right mouse button has been released and if it has it will set the speed of the instance to a tenth of the distance between the current x/y position and the mouse x/y position.