This function will set a camera to a specific view port. You give the view port to set (from 0 to 7), and supply the unique camera ID value (as returned by the camera_create functions or when you use view_get_camera()). If you give a value of -1 as the camera ID then you are removing a camera from the view port and note that if that view port is enabled and visible you may get some unpredictable results.


view_set_camera(view_port, camera_id)

Argument Description
view_port The view port to target (0 - 7)
camera_id The unique camera ID value returned when you created the camera




var cam = camera_create_view(0, 0, 640, 480, 0, obj_Player, 5, 5, -1, -1);
view_set_camera(0, cam);

The above code will create a new camera and then assign it view port[0].