Audio Emitters

Audio emitters are provided to increase the flexibility of the GameMaker Studio 2 audio engine, and they permit you to add real time effects to your audio assets, like pitch and Doppler variations, as well as the ability to position your sounds within the 3D audio space and give them realistic motion effects. All these functions are affected by the position of the listener within the audio environment and so will require that you use the provided functions for changing the listener position, velocity and orientation too (see - Audio Listeners).

The following functions exist to deal with audio emitters:

  1. audio_emitter_create
  2. audio_emitter_exists
  3. audio_emitter_position
  4. audio_emitter_velocity
  5. audio_emitter_falloff
  6. audio_emitter_gain
  7. audio_emitter_pitch
  8. audio_emitter_pitch
  9. audio_emitter_set_listener_mask
  10. audio_play_sound_on
  11. audio_emitter_get_gain
  12. audio_emitter_get_pitch
  13. audio_emitter_get_x
  14. audio_emitter_get_y
  15. audio_emitter_get_z
  16. audio_emitter_get_vx
  17. audio_emitter_get_vy
  18. audio_emitter_get_vz
  19. audio_emitter_get_listener_mask