facebook_request_publish_permissions (obsolete)



Argument Description
permissions The permissions you want to have from the user.




With this function you can request additional publishing permissions for Facebook. These permissions are added (as strings) to a previously created ds_list which is then used in the function to send the request. The user must be successfully logged in (ie. they have called facebook_login) and the facebook_status should be "AUTHORISED" before you call this function. the functon returns a unique ID value for the request call or -1 if the request was not sent (for example, the user is not logged in).

This function will trigger an Asynchronous Social Event, which contains the ds_map async_load. This ds_map will be populated with various key/value pairs to report the success or failure of the request.


var request = "publish_actions";
if !facebook_check_permission(request)
   var permissions = ds_list_create();
   ds_list_add(permissions, request);
   request_ID = facebook_request_publish_permissions(permissions);

The above code checks the current Facebook permissions, and if the game has not requested the "publish_actions" permission, then a request is sent.