String To Number


This action can convert a string into a number. You provide the string to change and then give a target variable to return the real number back to (this variable can be flagged as a temporary local variable). Note that if the string has any characters other than numbers and a decimal point, it will not be converted, although if the string starts with a number then those will be converted and the rest of the string excluded. It is important to note that when passing decimals into this action, the returned string will be rounded to two decimal places only. Below is a table of input values and what you'd expect returned

String Returned Value
"123" 123
"123 Hello World" 123
"Hello World" 0 (by default if the string can't be converted, 0 will be returned)
"Hello World 123" 0
"123.45678" 123.46

Action Syntax:

String To Number Syntax


Argument Description
Value The string to convert
Target The target variable to hold the returned value


String To Number Example
The above action block code initialises a global variable and then opens an ini file. A string is read from the file and stored in a temporary variable before being converted into a real number and assigned to the global variable. The ini is then closed.