Decimal To Integer


This action will take a decimal number and convert it into an integer. You give the value to convert and then select the type of rounding that should be done to turn it into an integr value. The types of rounding available are:

Once you have selected the rounding type, you must supply the number to round (this can be a variable), and then give a target variable to return the new integer value to (which can be flagged as a temporary local variable).

Action Syntax:

Decimal To Integer Syntax


Argument Description
Rounding The type of rounding to use to get the integer (see description above)
Number The decimal number to round to an integer
Target The target variable to store the returned integer


Decimal To Integer Example
The above action block code takes a decimal value and converts it to an integer, storing the returned value in a temporary local variable. This value is then turned into a string and drawn to the screen.