Set Timeline State


This action can be used to start, stop, pause or resume a timeline. The timeline must first have been set for the instance using the action Set Instance Timeline, and then you can use this action at any time to change its running state from the following options

Option Description
Start Start the timeline assigned to the instance (if the timeline was paused this will set the start position to moment 0 again).
Resume Resume a paused timeline (if the timeline was stopped and not paused this will do nothing).
Paused Pause the timeline assigned to the instance (while paused the moments in a timeline will not advance with the game frames).
Stop Stop the timeline assigned to the instance.

Action Syntax:

Set Timeline State Syntax


Argument Description
State The state to put the timeline in (see the table above)


Set Timeline State Example
The above action block code will check the value held in a global variable and if it is true then the timeline is paused, and if it is false then the timeline will be resumed.