Update Particle System


This action will force the given particle system to update the position, colour, alpha, etc... You supply the unique ID value for the system to update (as returned when you created the system with the action Create Particle System), and each time you call the action the given system will update one game frame, meaning that you can - for example - call this action within a Repeat loop and make the particle system update multiple times in a single game frame (useful for when you want a level to have any effect that requires particles to be present at the very start, like snow or rain). You can also use this action when the particle system has been paused using the Pause Particle System to manually update the particles in the system.

Action Syntax:

Update Particle System Syntax


Argument Description
System The unique ID value for the system to be updated


Update Particle System Example
The above action block code will create a loop which will then update the particle given system 200 times before continuing.