Set Particle Shape


This action can be used to set the built in sprite shape that a particle should use when drawing. You supply the unique ID value for the type to set the shape of (as returned when you created the type with the action Create Particle Type) and the shape to use. Particle shapes are simply white sprites that have been created for GameMaker Studio 2 to use specifically as particles and consist of the following forms: Built In Particle Types

NOTE: If you use this action then you should not use the action Set Particle Sprite as you can only have a sprite or a shape, but not both.

Action Syntax:

Create Particle Shape Syntax


Argument Description
Type ID The ID value for the type to set the shape of


Create Particle Shape Example
The above action block code will create a new particle type and assign its unique ID value to a global variable. It then proceeds to set all the properties for the particle type.