Gamepad Get Trigger


You can use this action to get the value of the different triggers from a given gamepad. You supply the gamepad index (this is the number of "slot" that a gamepad occupies) and select the the trigger to check (left or right). The value returned will be between 0 and 1, where 0 is no pressure on the trigger and 1 full pressure. This returned value will be stored in the target variable that you supply for future use.

Action Syntax:

Gamepad Get Trigger Syntax


Argument Description
Gamepad The gamepad index.
Trigger The trigger to check (left/right)
Target The target variable to store the returned value in.


Gamepad Get Trigger Example
The above action block code creates a local (temporary) variable and then uses it to store the current value for the left trigger. If the trigger value is over 0.5 an instance is created at the calling instance's position.