Gamepad Get Axis


You can use this action to get the value of the different axes from a given gamepad. You supply the gamepad index (this is the number of "slot" that a gamepad occupies) and select the axis to check from either the left or right stick, horizontal or vertical. The value returned will be between -1 and 1 for each of the available horizontal and vertical axes: -1 is left and 1 is right for horizontal axis, and -1 is up and 1 is down for the vertical axis. This returned value will be stored in the target variable that you supply for future use, which you can flag as a "Temp" variable, meaning that the action will create a new temporary (local) variable to hold the return value for you, as shown in the example below.

Action Syntax:

Gamepad Get Axis Syntax


Argument Description
Gamepad The gamepad index.
Axis The axis to check (left stick/right stick, horizontal/vertical)
Target The target variable to store the returned value in.


Gamepad Get Axis Example
The above action block code creates two local (temporary) variables and then stores the current values for the horizontal and vertical axis of the gamepad left stick. These values are then used to set the direction of the instance.