Restart Game


With this action you can restart the game. This is similar to running the game for the first time and so the Other - Game Start Event will be triggered, as well as the Other - Game End Event. However it should be noted that global variables will not be re-initialised unless explicitly coded as such - meaning that if you don't define and set them in the very first room of the game they will retain their previous values - and that Data Structures and Particles will not be freed either and so that should be done before the Restart Game action is called or in the Game End Event. Also note that the game will not restart the moment this action is called, but rather at the end of the script or event where the action is placed, so if there are any actions placed after this one, they will still be called and the game restarted at the end of the block.

Action Syntax:

Restart Game Syntax


Restart Game Example
The above action block code will check for a gamepad button press and if one is detected it will restart the game.