Read Ini File


With this action you can read a piece of data from an Ini file. You must previously have opened the Ini file for reading/writing using the action Open Ini File, and then with this action you give the type of data to read (either a real number or a string enclosed in ""), as well as the section header and the key within that section to get the data from. You can also supply a default value which can be either a real number of a string, and the type should coincide with the "Type" set in the action. This default action will be returned by the action should any of the following occur:

Under any of the above circumstances, you will get the default value returned rather than a value from the Ini file. Whatever value is returned will be stored in the target variable that you specify, which can also be created at that moment if flagged as a temporary local variable.

IMPORTANT! trying to read data from an Ini file that has not been opened previously using the Open Ini File action will cause a serious error and crash your game.

Action Syntax:

Read Ini File Syntax


Argument Description
Type The type of data to read, either a string (enclosed in quotes ""), or a real number
Section The section of the Ini file to read from (as a string)
Key The key within the section to read from (as a string)
Default The default value to return should either the file, section or key not exist
Target The target variable for holding the return value from the action


Read Ini File Example
The above action block code will open an Ini file for reading then use data read from it to set 3 different global variables before closing the file again.