Seek Buffer


This action can be used to move (seek) to a position within a buffer. You supply the unique buffer ID value as returned by the action Create Buffer and then the offset value in bytes to move to. The offset value will be applied from the start of the buffer, so calling this function will move the read/write position to the start of the the buffer then move the number of bytes given along and position the new read/write position there. However, if you flag the offset as relative, it will move the read/write position forward (or backwards if the offset is a negative value) from the current position.

Action Syntax:

Seek Buffer Syntax


Argument Description
Buffer The buffer index (stored in a variable)
offset The offset (in bytes) relative to the current seek position


Seek Buffer Example
The above action block code gets the size of the buffer and then uses that value to set the read/write position to the end of the currently stored data.