Set Audio Position


With this action you can set a sound to play at a specific time. You give the sound to play, and the time to start it from, but this action will not play the sound for you, it will simply set the play position for the sound. To use this action you must first set the position then play the sound using the action Play Audio, otherwise you will here no change in position until the next time you play the same sound resource (which will start at the new position). The position is set in seconds - you can use decimal values - and you can get the total sound length using the action Get Audio Length, although if you provide a value greater than the length of the desired sound this will be wrapped so if the sound is 10 seconds long and you give 12 seconds as the start position, the sound will start at 2 second in.

Action Syntax:

Set Audio Position Syntax


Argument Description
Sound The sound resource to set the play position of
Time The time to set (in seconds)


Set Audio Position Example
The above action block code gets the playing length of the given sound resource and stores it in a temporary local variable. This is then used to generate a random value between 0 and the length of the sound, which is then stored in a different temporary local variable. This new random value is then used to set the start position for the sound and the sound is then played.