Project Image Generator

Generate Project Images

The Project Image Generator is accessed from the Tools Menu at the top of the GameMaker Studio 2 IDE. This tool is designed to quickly create all the different splash screens, promo images and icons that are required by all the different target platforms from a single set of images. You supply the base image and the base icon and then click the Generate button, and your Game Options for each platform will update with the new images.

For this to work correctly you need to supply a high resolution splash screen and a high resolution icon image. The recommended sizes would be:

Once you have supplied these images they will be shown in the Preview Windows and you can then set the type of "fit" to be used when applying them to the different platforms. You can choose from the following:

You can also set the background colour for the both icons and images. This colour will be used to "pad" the image when scaled with aspect ratio. The following image shows how this will look once everything has been set up: Generate Project Images Example

Now all you have to do is click on Generate and GameMaker Studio 2 will populate all the Game Options Image and Icon settings with images for each platform.

IMPORTANT! While this tool will generate all the images you require, that does not mean it is perfect! It will try to do its best to make the images suit the different sizes and resolutions for each platform but sometimes this may not look how you really want since there really is no "one size fits all". Therefore after running this tool we recommend that you revise all the images in each platforms Game Options and tweak those that may not look exactly how you want manually.