Workflow Guide

In this section of our Quick Start Guide, we'll take you through the process of creating sprites, objects and rooms, getting you to the point where you can compile the project and see the results. GameMaker Studio 2 is innovative in a number of ways as you'll see, so we hope that this section will give you enough knowledge to dive in and get started without too many issues...

To illustrate the workflow, we'll make a very simple project which will make a ball bounce around a room. In the course of things you'll get to use the image editor, the object editor, the code editor and the room editor, which are really where you'll be spending most of your time on any project you create. Since this is essentially a mini-tutorial to get you started, we've split it into sections which you can get to from the following links:

  1. Creating Sprites
  2. Creating Tile Sets
  3. Creating Sounds
  4. Creating Objects
  5. Creating Rooms

We have also prepared a video which illustrates some of the things outlined in the mini-tutorial above: