GameMaker Studio 2 is a tool designed to empower you and your team to make new and innovative games as well as prototype ideas in the fastest and most intuitive way possible across multiple target platforms. It is intended primarily as a tool for making 2D games - although 3D games are perfectly doable - and comes with a number of tools and editors to help you realise your dreams and ideas, with your final project being ported across multiple platforms from the same initial base resources.

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For those that are new to the world of programming or who have never used any game creation tool before, GameMaker Studio 2 offers an intuitive and easy to use Drag and Drop (DnD™) interface of action icons that allow you to start creating your own games very quickly using visual scripting. If you are a more experienced programmer, then you can use the propriety scripting language GML to create your games, or you can even combine both and call GML functions with (and from) DnD™ actions, giving you a great deal of flexibility when it comes to how you write things. This is all laid out in an intuitive fashion, with different aspects of your game "chaining" together in the IDE to give you a unique and very visual representation of the workflow.

You'll find the IDE is also incredibly flexible, and it can be customised to your needs - should the default IDE setup not cover something you require - through the use of the Plugin system. However, by default GameMaker Studio 2 comes with a number of already powerful tools, like a complete Image Editor for creating your own sprites and tile-sets that will also import images that you have made in any external editor, including Spine skeleton animations and SWF format vector files. Once you have your images it's simply a question of assigning them to objects in the Object Editor, adding some code or DnD™ actions, and then placing instances of these objects into a game room in the Room Editor. There are also additional tools for creating Paths, Timelines, Shaders and a whole lot more.

This help file will tell you all you need to know about GameMaker Studio 2 and how you can create your own games with it. However, please realize that even with a program like GameMaker Studio 2, designing computer games is not completely effortless - so no "make me a MMORPG" button here! Be aware too that there are many aspects to making games and that they are all equally important: game-play, graphics, sounds, user interaction, etc... But, the most important aspect of all, is patience. While GameMaker Studio 2 is a powerful tool, it cannot do everything for you at the touch of a button so start small with simple examples and you will realize that not only is creating games great fun, but that learning to use GameMaker Studio 2 to do it is also very rewarding!

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