Preferences - Marketplace

The Marketplace Preferences

The Marketplace Preferences are used to set up the Marketplace Certificate for uploading or buying assets. The certificate form consists of the following sections for when you have already created a certificate:

The Marketplace Confirm Dialog Preferences

Here you can select the behaviour of the confirmation dialogues when working with a resource from the resource tree. The available options are:

  • Automatic response to offline content delete: When you delete a marketplace asset from your library without a web connection, you normally get a warning asking if you are sure you want to proceed. By setting this option to "OK" the message will be suppressed as if you had clicked the "OK" button to proceed. The default value is "Show Message".

Create A New Certificate

If you have not previously made a certificate file for using the Marketplace, then you should click the button labelled Create New Certificate at the bottom of this form. When you do that, a new window will open requesting that you input the following information:

The Marketplace New Certificate Window

With those details given you can then click on the Create Certificate button to generate the *.pem file. You will be prompted to give a save location and a name for the file, and you should take note of this for future reference. Once you have done that, the new file and password will be automatically added into the form fields listed above and you can click on the Check button to test that the certificate has been generated correctly.

NOTE: We recommend that you take a screenshot of the actual settings as well as make a copy of the PEM file. Both should be saved together to a safe location for future reference, or in case you need to re-install GameMaker Studio 2 at some point. You cannot update assets that have already been uploaded unless the updated package is signed using the same certificate that the original was created with.