Returns: N/A


With this function you can restart the game. This is essentially the same as running the game for the first time and so the Game Start Event will be triggered, as well as the Game End Event. However it should be noted that global variables will not be re-initialised unless explicitly coded as such - for example, the built-in global variable score will not start at zero after a game restart if it has been modified in the game already. This is also the case for GPU state (so if you have set the draw colour or alpha, for example, it will remain at the changed value) and for the game speed. Also note that if any resource from the resource tree has been changed at run time within the game - for example if you change the origin for a sprite resource or shift the position of a path resource - then these will not be reset either.


if keyboard_check_pressed(ord("R")) game_restart();

This would restart the game when the player presses the "R" key.