Argument Description
id The DS map ID value.
buffer The buffer ID value.

Returns: Ds_map Index


This function will save a previously created DS map to a buffer. You supply the DS map ID value (as returned by the function ds_map_create) and the ID of the buffer to write to (as returned by the function buffer_create). Note that if the DS map being saved contains an array, this will be converted into a DS list instead when saved.

IMPORTANT! The secure saved DS map file can only be loaded on the device that created it, and if you try to load a file that was saved on a different device, then it will not work.


buff = buffer_create(128,buffer_grow,4);
var map = ds_map_create();
ds_map_secure_save_buffer(map, buff);

The above code will create a buffer and a DS map, then populate the map with some values and write it to the buffer before deleting the map.

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