With this function you can check the given list position and the value held within the list for that position will be returned. Note that if you give a position that is outside of the given list size (ie: position 11 in a 10 value list) then the function may return undefined or 0. This is because when you create the list, internally the first few entries in the list are set to 0 to minimize performance issues when initially adding items to the list (although the ds_list_size() function will still return 0 on a newly created list). If you wish to ensure that the list is "truly" empty on create, then you should call ds_list_clear() after creating the list, which will then mean that any values returned for unpopulated list slots will be undefined, which you can then check consistently using the is_undefined() function.


ds_list_find_value(id, pos);

Argument Description
id The id of the list to use.
pos The position to look at, where 0 corresponds to the very beginning of the list and the final position is ds_list_size(id)-1.


Real, String or Undefined


val = ds_list_find_value(list, ds_list_size(list) - 1);

The above code checks the list indexed in the variable "list" at the last position in the list and stores the returned value in the variable "val".