This function Resets the display settings to the ones that were set when the game was started, but also allows you to change the current level of full screen anti-aliasing being used and whether to use vertical synchronisation. The available anti-aliasing levels are 0,2,4 and 8, with the default startup value being set to 0, and the default v-sync setting is false (off). Switching v-sync on may give a smoother gaming experience but it will also need more processing power and so its impact must be considered careful before use, and the same goes for the anti-aliasing where the higher the number the more processing that is required.

Since not all target devices are the same, some may not support 8x or 4x anti-aliasing for example, and so there is a read only variable available for getting the different levels of AA that the device running the game can display:


This variable will return a value based on the setting of bits for the different levels. So for only 2xAA, this will report 2, for 2x and 4x availability it will report 6. For 8 and 4 it will report 12. For all 3 levels (2,4 and 8) it will report 14.


display_reset(aa, vsync);

Argument Description
aa The level of anti-aliasing filtering (0, 2, 4 or 8).
vsync Toggle vertical synchronisation to on (true) or off (false).




if display_aa > 12 display_reset(8, true);

The above code will set the anti-aliasing level to 8 if supported and switch v-sync to on.