With this function you can set some platform specific options for the buffer group being saved. The options available are as follows:

  • "subtitle" or "slottitle" - The value for this option would be a string, which will be shown to the user when managing their save data in the OS. This is only important when saving data, not when loading again.

  • "showdialog" - The value for this option is a boolean true or false. If set to true, when you save or load GameMaker Studio 2 will show the System UI, otherwise it will do a quicksave/quickload with no UI shown. You normally only need this if you're supporting multiple save slots to allow the user to pick a slot, but if you just support one slot per user, set this to false.

  • "savepadindex" - For this option you would specify the pad index of the player who is saving or loading and the system will write data to and read data from this player's save folder.

  • "saveslotsize" - This option requires that you specify the actual size in bytes you want to save (so you can do a buffer_seek and buffer_tell to get that, for example). Note that it is not obligatory to supply this value as all saves are pre-assigned a minimum space, which is normally about 10MB or so.

IMPORTANT! This function is currently only valid for the PSVita, PS4 and XBox One target modules. On all the other targets it will do nothing.


buffer_async_group_option(option, value);

Argument Description
option The option to set.
value The value to set (can be string or real, depending on the option).




buffer_async_group_option("showdialog", false);
buffer_async_group_option("slottitle", "Catch The Haggis Save");
buffer_async_group_option("subtitle", "All your haggis are saved here!");
save = buffer_save_async(buff, "Player_Save.sav", 0, 16384);

The above code starts a buffer group then sets the group options before it sets 4 files to save asynchronously. The group definition is then ended (at which point saving will begin).