With this function you can set the absolute value for the global volume of all sounds and music. It is based on a linear scale from 0 (silent) to 1 (full volume) and will affect the relative volume of all sounds and music played from within your game. Note that on some platforms you can have a gain of greater than 1, although a value of 1 is considered "full volume" and anything greater may introduce audio clipping.



Argument Description
gain Value for the global volume (0 to 1).




if keyboard_check(vk_up)
   if vol < 1 vol += 0.05;
if keyboard_check(vk_down)
   if vol > 0 vol -= 0.05;

The above code checks for key-presses of the up and down arrow keys, which then increase or decrease the variable "vol". This variable is then used to set the global gain of all sound and music in the game.