Execute Script


This action can be used to call a custom script. You give the script resource to call and then supply any arguments that it requires, ie: any values (strings, integers, resource indices, etc...) that you wish to input into the script so that it can use them. You can add additional arguments as required for the script by clicking the plus icon beside the action.

Some scripts can also return a value for later use in the action block list, and so you can also specify the target variable that should store this return value, which can have been created previously or can be a new temporary one (if you check the "Temp" check-box). Both the target and the argument fields can be left blank if they are not required.

Action Syntax:

Execute Script Syntax


Argument Description
Script The name of the script to call.
Argument0 ... Argument3 The different arguments (values) that are to be passed to the script (unused arguments can be left blank)
Target The name of the variable that is to be targeted for any returned values (can be left blank)


Execute Script Example

The above action block code calls a script, passing in two arguments for a random position within the room. It does not return anything.