Once you have downloaded and installed GameMaker Studio 2, the first time you use it you will be requested to input your licence details: GameMaker Studio 2 Login Screen

Your licence is tied to a YoYo Account (YYA) and you are required to have made one to be able to use GameMaker Studio 2 . This account holds all your licence details for the YoYo Games products that you own, and is also used for the YoYo Games Marketplace. You can find out further information about the YYA from the following page:

  1. Creating A YoYo Account
IMPORTANT! If you have been using a Trial Licence for GameMaker Studio 2 and then buy one of the other licences (Desktop, Mobile, UWP, Web or Console) then you will may to log out of the IDE and then restart GameMaker Studio 2 and log back in again to make sure that the new licence is applied correctly (although this should happen automatically). You can log out from the File Menu.